Veterans Recalled

Donald F Lynch, 2nd Lt, US Merchant Marine/
US Coast Guard, 1944-1947, Fallston,

Contributor: Regina Lynch Kahoe
John 'Carl' Lynch, in 1949. He was in the Army Air Corps
(later the USAF) from 1948 until 1970. In this picture he
was a Corporal,
Contributor: Regina Lynch Kahoe
Paul Eugene Lynch, Sr. from Fallston.
He was in the US Marine Corps from 1942-45,
and was in the Battle of Iwo Jima.

Contributor: Regina Lynch Kahoe

Eugene Bedard, Edgewood, US Army, 1951 - 1976,
Contributor: Jeff B.
Daniel J. Muffoletto, U.S. Army, 10th Mountain Division,
87th Regimental Headquarters, Served in Italy,
Telephone Lineman, Jeep Driver
Medals: American Theater Ribbon,
European Theater Ribbon with 3 Battle Stars,
Occupational Medal, Victory Medal,
Combat Infantryman Badge, Good Conduct Medal,
Rifle Sharpshooter Medal, 3 Bronze Star Citations
and Medals with Oak Leaf Cluster and Valor,
Discharged November 30, 1945,
Contributor: Phyllis Godwin, Bel Air
Private 1st Class Thomas Hamilton Driver, Joppa, MD
Us Army, 99th Infantry, March,1943 - December,1945
Picture taken at Camp VanDorn, Mississippi near
Centerville, MS 1943,

Contributor: Leslie Driver

LCPL Ryan David Hanna, Darlington, USMC, 2008-Present
Angela Serving in OIF at Abu Ghraib Prison
Angela Pereira, Ph.D, MSW, LCSW-C, Colonel, U.S. Army, Retired,
25 years of service, Havre de Grace, Consultant/Educator

Charles Seibert was in the US Navy from 5/42-11/45.
He was from Havre de Grace and had the rank of Petty officer.

Contributor: Regina Lynch Kahoe
             William James Knight, Sr., Street, Maryland,
United States Army, May 1941 - Nov 1945,
Mr. Knight was in the 87th INFANTRY DIVISION,
Golden Acorns. Which saw duty in the European Theater
of Operations in George S. Patton's Third U.S. Army.
Mr. Knight saw duty at the Battle of the Bulge and
was involved in the Campaigns of the Ardennes,
Rhineland and Centeral Euorpe. He received
the Bronze Star and several campaign medals.
He was also involved in the liberation of some
of the concertration camps.
Contributor: John & Ellen Cullum
             .Life long Joppa resident and Old Post Road graduate Robert A. Hanna
entered the US Army in November of 1942. He was deployed to the
European Theater French Campaign in the 29th Infantry division and saw
action as part of Operation Overload. On June 13th, 1944 on the
beach at Normandy his entire platoon was pinned down by the enemy in an
open field. Despite being twice wounded himself, he did not hesitate to go to
the assistance of his fellows and only only halted his efforts to help when
he lost consciousness due to pain and loss of blood. For his gallantry in battle,
S. Sgt. Hanna was awarded the Silver Star and received a
Purple Heart for his wounds in action.

Robert Hanna's service continued through the Korean conflict
where as a first Lieutenant in the 74th Engineer
Combat Battalion he was awarded a Bronze Star for Meritorious Service.
He was again wounded in Korea, recieving a Purple Heart (though due
to his reluctance to discuss his experiences during his lifetime and the
destruction of relevant military records, the details of this wound are not clear).

In 1955 Robert Hanna was promoted to the rank of Captain.
He retired from service in October of 1962. After leaving the military,
Robert Hanna returned to his home in Joppa Maryland
where he worked for the State Highway Administration and raised 5
children along with his wife Edna. He died of natural causes in
July of 1982.
Contributor: Maynard Edwards

Robert W. Kellagher (on the right, wearing a shirt).
He served as a Sgt. in the Marines from 1951-1954,
spending one year and ten days in the war in Korea.
He currently resides in Edgewood, MD.

Contributor:Kim Kellagher (daughter in law)
             Robert J. Gibson, Jr. He was a quartermaster
in the Navy, on active duty from 1945-1949.
He resided in Bel Air from 1962 til his death this year.
Contributor: Kim Kellagher (daughter)
             Stan Lavery, Belcamp, MD, Army, 1993-2008 Contributor: Marita Lavery

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Contributor: James Chrismer

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