In House Research

In House Research

Our Research Facility is open

There is a $5 fee for non-members to conduct research in the facility.

In House Research includes

The Bush Declaration, also known as the Bush River Declaration, the Bush River Resolution, and the Harford Declaration, was a resolution adopted on March 22, 1775, in Harford County, Maryland. Like other similar resolutions in the Thirteen Colonies around this time, the Bush Declaration expressed support for the Patriot cause in the emerging American Revolution.

The Archives

A unique aspect of research materials is the more than 250,000 of original source items dating back to the 1600s. These include plats, deeds, letters, diaries, scrapbooks, ledgers, documents, maps, postcards, Booth playbills, newspapers, and legal and business correspondence. If you need information on your historic home, a home of your ancestors, or a historic house you might buy, come to the Archives for help. All items are preserved in a professional manner and are carefully cataloged and cross-indexed. Skilled attendants are eager to assist researchers.

Court Records

The Society holds many of the early records of Harford County courts. Records begin about 1774 when Harford County came into existence. Cataloging has proceeded up to about the mid 19th century. The materials are being cataloged and indexed by volunteers for use by researchers. Volunteers hope to eventually have all of the records computerized to assist researchers in finding material for future projects. The records provide background on everything from criminal charges to land transactions, bastardy cases, indentures and emancipation of slaves and servants and more.

Family History (Genealogy)

The Society is an excellent resource center for family history in Harford County, Maryland and adjacent areas that provides tours of the facility and assistance in locating family records. For details click here: Indices, Files, Family Histories, and Reference Books. If you are interested in research, but unable to visit our library, click on Historical, Genealogical, & Cemetery Research Services.

Research Library

The Society possesses an extensive collection of print material on Harford County and Maryland history. All materials are cataloged, many are indexed, and attendants are happy to help researchers. Maps, microfilm, newspapers, vertical file materials, and African-American history files are also part of the collection. A team of volunteers is creating PastPerfect digital data bases. If you are interested in research, but unable to visit our library, click on Historical, Genealogical, & Cemetery Research Services.

County Photographs

Over 7000 photographic images complement our collection. These images open up a window into Harford County’s past and provide the researcher with a more personal connection with their subject. Our collection includes photos of many diverse topics in both black and white and color such as, homes, businesses, people at work and play, schools, churches and government buildings and structures, cemeteries, scenic views and much more. Skilled attendants are eager to assist researchers.

Library Research Services By Mail

For researchers unable to visit our Library, we provide a Basic Research Service and a Document Photocopy Service for pre-paid, written requests.

Basic Research Service Fee: $30 Pre-Paid

The Library will search its holdings and collections for answers to one historical or genealogical query for up to one hour.

Please include all relevant information on the subject that will assist us with your specific question, i.e., dates, locations, family members, etc.

Please be advised that your fee is not refundable if no information is found.

You will be notified of the sources cheeked and a summary of results. Photocopies can be made for 25 cents per page if you wish copies of any material found.

Document Photocopy Service Fee: $10 Pre-Paid

If you know exactly what you want from our Library and you require a copy, we photocopy one specific record or document per request. Please send us the complete citation, including title, page numbers, etc. Fee inc1udes up to 10 photocopies. Additional pages are 25 cents each.

Cemetery Data Base Search

A search wil1 be made for one surname in our computerized Cemetery-Data-Base and a printed report of that search will be sent to you. The fee varies with the number of names found for that surname, as follows:

  • Up to 75 names  Minimum $5.00 postpaid
  • Up to 150 names  Minimum $10.00 postpaid
  • Up to 225 names  Minimum $15.00 postpaid
  • Up to 300 names  Minimum $20.00 postpaid
  • Over 300 names  Varies

To initiate a search, either write to the address below, or contact the Cemetery Project Coordinator at

Make your checks payable to
"The Historical Society of Harford County, Inc."

Send your request and check to:
The Historical Society of Harford County, Inc.
143 North Main Street
Bel Air, Maryland 21014