Old Post Office Exhibits

Old Post Office Exhibits

Old Post Office Exhibits are free to the public and are open Tue, Wed and Thu from 9 am to 3 pm and the Fourth Saturday of the month from 10 am to 2 pm.

The Historical Society has an extensive collection of artifacts from throughout Harford County. Some of these items are on permanent display but most are exhibited periodically either for special events or as part of our ongoing rotation of exhibits.

One of our permanent exhibits is of Petroglyphs from the area near the Conowingo Dam. These petroglyphs were removed from the rock cliffs that were swallowed up by the waters behind the dam. In our lobby you can study several petroglyphs and can learn about the origin, meaning and the history of their extraction from information boards just behind the display.


The Society received numerous Displays developed by Harford County and displayed throughout the County. These impressive ten feet tall Display Boards adorn the open area of the Old Post Office just beyond the lobby. The Boards tell the story of Harford County from pre-historic times to the late 1900s. The Boards cover Harford County’s history, culture and industry. Subjects include the Captain John Smith’s Exploration, Rail Roads, Mills and Foundries, Racing and Race Tracks, Native Americans and Petroglyphs, citizens and their contributions and a cow that watched over the Bel Air Race Track.

Another permanent display are various Maps of Harford County dating back to the 1700s. We also have specialty maps which focus on a specific subject and provide locations and brief historical sketches. These maps include African American School Houses, Canneries, Rail Road Stations and more. For a collection of maps available from the society and possibly on display go to On Line Research and search the Map Index.


Inside the front door you will find a display case with memorabilia from the Old Post Office which was built in 1937 and served Bel Air until 1980. The collection includes a postman’s jacket, post cards, a letter scale and numerous other items.

Around the walls of the Society are paintings and portraits as well as photographs of the county and other items of interest. Our crown jewel is the original copy Bush Declaration. This is stored for its protection but is brought out for special occasions. In 1775 elected members of Harford County signed their names to a declaration of support for the troops assembling in Boston to resist the British Army. It is the first such document from that time.